Street family sees better future for children

Video by Camila Orti

A street couple live under a tree in Nizamuddin, India, and can proudly say its children are going to school thanks to an NGO called Dilse.

Additional reporting and translating done by Saurabh Yadav, Subuhi Parvez, and Sumeet.

Indian village children learn to use technology

Video by Camila Orti | Story by Ashley Burns

Tanuja Singh stands at the front of a group of peers next to an archaic computer with a paint program open.

The screen reads ‘Wel Come’ in colorful letters.

This is the Mamta Foundation school located outside of Lucknow, India. For these children, an education is a luxury and computers are a bonus

“We want to get the children used to using computers, so they aren’t afraid of them,” said Shikha Sikka, an events coordinator.

Singh is particularly proficient with these machines.

“She is very clever and at the top of her class,” said Shikha.

Singh says she wants to become a doctor some day. She wants to help society.

For Singh, getting to school at eight o’clock in the morning is a treat. She gets to play cricket with her friends and use the computers here.

“She is very interested in Google and the Internet,” continued Shikha.

Only one computer has Internet access, so Singh and the other students are limited.

Next year will be Singh’s last year at Mamta. When she finishes here she will go on to the village secondary school, where the fees are less.